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Master of Science in Urban Planning and Policy Design

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General overview

The Master Course in Urban Planning and Policy Design offers a complex and interdisciplinary academic curriculum in the field of spatial planning, urban design and policies, in the challenging context of global urban crisis and transformation.
The aim of the programme is to train highly-qualified professionals and experts in the field of design, implementation, assessment and management of projects, plans, policies and complex programs at different scales for cities, territories and landscapes.
The course is highly international and fully taught in English to Italian and international students. International case studies and experiences are intensively used for strengthening professional and cultural training and for promoting useful cross-fertilizations between subject areas, contexts and approaches.
The Course, through the contribution of different disciplines, mixes a strong technical training with a critical and interpretative approach to planning and design pratices.
Bachelor of Science graduates in Planning may access the Master of Science programme. Graduates from different classes of degree and rom different universities may also accede the programme. The admission of candidates is subject to an assessment based on merit and on the courses taken in their previous university careers. The assessment identifies any curricula supplements, to be passed before access to the Master of Science programme.
The essential framework and the cultural backgrounds are presented in a limited number of compulsory courses; the design experiences are developed in three complex workshops (two during the first year, one in the second; the building of independent thematic studies is developed by choosing optional courses and developing the final dissertation.

Learning objectives

The course trains a post-graduate expert and professional in the fields of urban planning and design, definition, implementation and evaluation of urban and territorial policies. Amongst the educational goals the priorities are:
• give a basic picture of some of the central structures and cultural backgrounds typical of the Italian context and intensify international exchanges highlighting the most important points in the scientific, disciplinary and professional debate in the European and international context;
• conduct, by means of rich and complex workshop experience, fully-formed design exercises, that are able to generate technical products (strategic and regulatory plans, urban projects and policies) meeting with high standards;
• offer technical and specialized knowledge in different policy areas (land use planning, master planning, strategic planning, environmental planning and policies, housing policies, mobility, transportation and infrastructural policies).
These priorities are pursued trough an interdisciplinary approach that considers differences in social and institutional contexts.
A strong attention is payed to communicative and interactive tools and techniques.

Professional opportunities

The Master Graduate in Urban Planning and Policy Design is set up with technical skills and fundamental disciplinary competences to work in the public administration of different levels, public agencies and private firms in Italy and Europe as well, research centers and institutions. The workshops and the stage, will provide a significant advantage in the professional integration after the Master.
The degree offers a cultural and professional profile that is innovative in relation to the new demands emerging from the professional world, not only from public administrations but also from private players (for example research and consultancy companies working in the field of housing and environmental change, firms in the real estate market, etc.) or in the third sector (for example the trend of emerging interest in social policies for local systems).
Graduates in Urban Planning and Land Policies have several options for continuing their studies: PhD research programmes, held by the University or elsewhere, on subjects of specific interest, and with access subject to admission test; 2nd level Master, held at the University or elsewhere, on subjects of specific interest, and with access conditions established by the facility holding the course.

Eligible students
The Master of Science is addressing candidates holding a Bachelor Degree in one of the many subjects related to the Programme: urban planning, architecture, engineering, sociology and social sciences, geography, economy, political sciences, and environmental sciences.

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