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Ilaria Valente


The formative project of the School of Architecture and Society 2014-2015

The programs for the next year confirm the choices of the foundational project of the School, and in consistency the objectives of the University, with the aim of updating and improving the provision of training on the slope of the studies in Architecture, the training offer 2014- '15 of the Bachelor was reformed, in collaboration with the School of Architecture and Civil Engineering Architecture. The framework of supply includes two Master degrees, in Architecture and Urban Planning and Policy Design, articulated in a variety of well-motivated training. For the three-year degrees are three courses, Architectural Design (“inter-school” with School of Architecture), Urban: City Environment and Landscape, Engineering and Techniques for Building and Architecture (“inter-school” with the School of Architecture Building Engineering) for ensure the first-level graduates - particularly those wishing to enter immediately into the market of work-learning experiences with a common matrix, but differentiated in relation to specific questions of the professional world. A strong boost to internationalization (different paths to graduation, the two levels are offered in English and a significant number of our students who come from other countries). A training method that considers the essential experiences of design, but also essential to a robust disciplinary training in many fields of science, technology and humanities that contribute to the formation of the architect and planner. A school open and dynamic, allowing training courses articulated and flexible, consistent with the best international standards.

Professor Ilaria Valente
Dean of the School of Architecture and Society